At the very end of December, we found ourselves at the Honda dealership where GerryScotti is serviced, looking at SUVs.

I know, what?!?

And we liked the SUV we looked at so much, that we signed a contract to buy a sparkling new one. Delivery was to be the end of January.

So we waited and waited and waited some more. And then we waited again.
Then, two whole months later, we were alerted to his departure from the factory and we spent a very exciting time tracking the boat that was delivering him.

Last week, he arrived!!

Welcome to Panzo (short for kampfpanzer – because of his tank-like features and his number-plate).

He’s fantastic! Already he has been marvellous for Bunnings and Ikea trips and we can’t wait to take him on a camping expedition once certain kitties have calmed down and can be left in the care of others.

My former self’s head is reeling at all of this. Honestly, I don’t think I could get any more suburban at this point.

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