In the midst of great purge of blogs from my RSS reader, I clicked on the online store of a blogger (in the midst of deleting her) and was utterly entranced by a bracelet made from 5 vintage watches. So cute, so quirky, so nothing I’d seen anywhere before, so of course I bought it!

Unfortunately when it arrived, the jump rings holding the watches were discoloured, of quite poor quality and did not hold together terribly well, so that you only had to look at it for it to break. The previous time I bought from this person (a few years ago) I’d been delighted with my purchase, so this was a little disappointing.

Not to be defeated, I took the whole thing to the jewellery repairers (everyone there was equally as entranced). They replaced the jump rings with silver and laser-soldered them – not an inexpensive exercise (and they did me a deal!). I also had them see if any of the watches would work with a replacement battery and two did!

They did a really stellar job and I am totally in love with it!

bad werkphone shot

Sure, I’ve now turned this from a mid-priced trinket into a slightly more mid-priced trinket, but I am so thrilled with it that I cannot regret it for a second.

Next up, I’m planning to have the same repairers quote to fix the other three watches – but that will be a little way down the track (we’re about to institute austerity measures – the subject of another post).

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