BabyKitty (not her real name) had taken it upon herself to eschew the litter tray and wee all over our bedroom carpet – repeatedly.

Enzyme cleaner was not doing a thing to deter her, but we thought we had averted the behaviour by spraying her preferred wee-ing locations with diluted white vinegar (thanks InformationSuperHighway!), unfortunately this led her to our Brand New Rug. ACK!

So we carted her off to the vet a couple of weeks ago to ensure she did not have a UTI (as also suggested by the InformationSuperHighway), which fortunately she did not. The wonderful vet suggested that she might have some territorial issues going on and recommended that we give a feliway diffuser a bash.

And just in case she was hating the clumping litter, we set up a smörgåsbord of options.

Initially, the feliway worked a treat to calm everyone down and the alternatives in litter seemed to be successful, but soon enough Baby Kitty was back to the Brand New Rug. So we’ve lifted it and temporarily replaced with a sisal number from ikea – which is nowhere near as comfortable or as attractive – but luckily the weeing seems to have abated for now. We’re planning to have the rug professional cleaned and then storing it for a while.

And we’re investigating ways to give her some territory back. New Kitty (also not her real name) is the calmest, most placid creature in the world, but clearly Baby Kitty feels threatened. Either that or she’s just really annoyed.

But really adorable.

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