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You may remember my seemingly endless quest for the perfect vanilla scent, alas none of the wee samples I received in that post quite did it for me.

I was walking through David Jones in January and was stopped in my tracks by the most fabulously wonderful vanilla scent. Turned out the source was mimco body wash and lotion. It was so utterly amazing I bought two boxes (at half price!) and I just adore it, though to my extreme disappointment there was no accompanying fragrance.

So the quest continues with new samples which arrived yesterday …

A Lab on Fire: What We Do In Paris Is Secret
Hilde Soliani: CiocoSpesizissimo
Lubin: Korrigan
Montale: Vanilla Extasy
Nez a Nez: Ambre a Sade
Phaedon: Dzhari
Serge Lutens: Un Bois Vanille
Costamor: Sugarwood

This time for sure.

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