exercise 2013: week eleven

Still in catch-up mode, here. Avoiding a big work project has made me avoid pretty much everything else.

I was really quite pleased with this week. On Monday (11/03) while visiting the supermarket for emergency cilantro I spied a scale, pulled it down from the shelf and hopped on – to find that I have lost 13kg! I’m able to wear clothes I’ve not fit into for two years – though sadly most of them have been culled. This is very pleasing.

And then at the end of the week … best! thing! ever!

Tuesday (12/03): run

Silly phone GPS did not track me. Ran normal route.

5km | 36:23


Thursday (14/03): run

Worked from home and made the effort to get out early before I commenced slaving. As it is getting cooler, the running is becoming a little less horrendous, but those hills still get me every time.

5.11km | 37:03


Saturday (16/03): walk

Walked the 7 km to the optometrist – reasonably quick pace.


Sunday (17/03): run


It was a gorgeous cool morning and I felt fabulous, so I just kept running, doing the “oh, I should try for 6km”, “oh, nearly at 8km, will just run down this street” (as you can see by my route) and then before I knew it I was at TEN! And there was absolutely no walking and one stop for a traffic light.

10km!!!! | 1:10:57

I have never run so far in my life, my previous best was way back in 2009 when I ran for an hour on the treadmill (which, for me, is not the same thing at all as outdoors), but then only covered 7.5km

This has been a goal for ages, and one which I thought I was suspicious that I could actually achieve. I’m so utterly delighted.

Now that I know I can do it, I will scale back a little and build up properly, lest I hurt my poor knees and set myself back.

4 thoughts on “exercise 2013: week eleven

  1. I am very excited for you about the weight loss. I’m sure you are starting to feel more like “yourself” again.
    It is strange, I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, and strangely enough our lives have seen many parallels. Though I did have the baby at 42, and am just now recovering from it almost 2 years later. So I too can rejoice about fitting into some of “my old” clothes…though I do still have 20 lbs to go…
    Keep at it, you are worth it

    • Thank you Cheryl and thanks for de-lurking!

      Congrats on the baby! and the baby recovery! I’ve only been thinking in the past few weeks how incredibly different our lives would be now if we had chosen the baby route. Hope it is working wonderfully for you.

      Doesn’t it feel just fabulous to feel more yourself? I do rather regret some of the outfits I offloaded, thinking that I would never, ever get back into them, fortunately the wonderful Don surprised me on Friday with some cash specifically for clothes buying. Hurrah!

  2. I do like this running caper! Even though I am exceedingly average at best.

    It is unseasonably, disgustingly warm here at the moment (hottest March week for 10 years), so I am completely romanticising the cold, though of course I do not have to contend with snow and sleet – ugh! I know it will get here and then I will struggle massively to drag myself out the door too.

    Am thinking of signing up for the City to Surf (in August). Is 14km, so am thinking it might be a little much to prepare for in 5 months.

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