mental health week live blogging: day four

Body maintenance.

I decided, given Don is playing golf today, I’d use it as my gym day (didn’t get there on Monday with all that shopperering) and I’d challenge myself.

Usually I only spend 30-35 minutes exercising (it’s all I can fit in at lunch, what with changing and showering1 &etc). Today I had endless time on my hands … so I chose a whole hour of running (okay, jogging) – which I have never, ever done before.

And I did it! Yay for me! 7.5k – which is by far my best distance (8k if you count the 500m walking cool-down), still a way from the 10K which is on the list of things that I might do which are definitely not resolutions. I *really* wish I could do this outside (stupid knees) so that I might get a bit more practice in (say, of an evening). But still, for someone who could not run for 5 minutes 2.5 years ago, I’m really pleased with the progress (albeit slow).

I’m also about to dye my very, very, very pale eyebrows – this could have hilarious results, so I shall take progress shots. Hey, if it all goes terribly wrong, at least they might go with my clown pants.

1There are people at my gym that just towel off the litres of sweat and jump into their work-clothes and return to the office. I am not one of those people, because – just. yuck.

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