mental health week live blogging: day three (part 2)

Yes, we did end up at sugaroom, which has a very pleasant outlook, lovely staff and very nice nosh indeed. And has the bonus of being a very gentle 30-40 minute walk from home (and not too crowded at all on a week day)


I decided it would be amusing to take photos of our meals, food-blogger-style, but, in an interesting slant, our half-eaten meals…

This was my entree: Baked eshallot tart with goats cheese, beetroot and chervil
Damn delish it was too. The pastry was teh awesome and I just adore beetroot – paired with goats cheese, it was just marvellous!

Don’s: Shaved bresaola carpaccio with basil, parmesan and horseradish cream
And it also had radish, which was fab!

It was at this point that I forgot that I was taking snaps of half-eaten meals – damn.

My main: Pan roasted barramundi, peas, baby leeks, tarragon and truffle dressing
Quite lovely, especially on a hot day. I really quite like oily-ish, mud-dwelling fish and barramundi is my fave.

Don’s: Pork confit with roast fennel, cauliflower puree and salsa verde
The confit was yum-tastic. And the pureed cauliflower sounds revolting (well revolting to Don, I love cauliflower), but it was very nice and I kept dipping my (unpictured side dish) fries into it, rather than the aoili they came with.

To our everlasting amazement, we skipped dessert (heresy!) and just had coffee.

I then remembered I was supposed to be taking snaps of half finished things.

Our half finished water and wine (with sparkly background)

Here is my almost empty flat white.

Lovely day, I have decided that I would really like to be one of those ladies who lunch.

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