exercise 2013: week ten

I realise that I couldn’t remember the majority of what I had done last week because the first two evenings were marked by a raging tension headache (hence the optometrist visit) – so there was a good deal of laying about moaning.

I’m way behind on the exercise posts. Yes, they may be boring as all-get-out, but I find them terribly useful, so this will be quick and catch-up-ery.

Tuesday (05/03): run

5km | 36:50


Thursday (07/03): run

5.06km | 37:19


Sunday (10/03): run

5km | 36:54

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the effort. I’ve found a decent 5km route and I’m attempting to take the pace very slow to avoid the exhausted walks. Once I’ve mastered that a few times, I’ll gradually increase distance.

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