I’m unsure whether this is complete insanity, but thanks to the encouragement two very lovely imaginary internet friends, today I signed up to run the 2013 City2Surf in August.

Just me and 80,000 other runners over a 14km course featuring a horrifically scary hill.

horrifically scary hill

I went for my normal Tuesday run this evening and it was pretty difficult – unseasonably hot, I was low on fuel and all I could think of the entire route was how mad I am to assume I can run 14km.

Utterly ridiculous thinking because there are still 137 days to go! This surely is more than ample time to work up to that distance and, if on the day I feel it is too much, I can always walk part-way!

I need to shake off my fear and use the race as the goal it was intended to be.

2 thoughts on “stretch

  1. There is nothing wrong with walking for a bit. It does look daunting but it’s good to have such a challenging goal. My running is suffering due to the extreme cold weather and the fact that I appear to have an incurable cold.

    • We’ll see how I go, each time I run I am questioning the whole endeavour. But then I remember how I could barely run 1km 15 months ago, so I should just focus on getting out there for now and extending a little each time.

      Get better! And could we possibly swap weather? It was 30 degrees yesterday – insane.

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