Since we moved to ThePalace(OfLove) we’ve been rather profligate with the cash.

In the 11 months we have been here, there have been so many essentials we were lacking, which required so very many trips to Bunnings, merilux, ikea and at least 57 other stores.

We have a pretty rigorous (but pretty generous) budget, which we generally adhere to quite well – except for the savings component, which recently is inevitably spent on stuff for ThePalace(OfLove).

The final straw was the weekend visit to ikea afterwhich we said “no more” and made a plan to institute austerity measures for the haushold from the beginning of April and a big focus on saving madly until at least June. And we’ve made a vow not to visit ikea until March 2014 at the earliest!

(And for me – no more cookbooks or camera lenses, I’ve developed somewhat of a recent habit of acquiring both)

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