Today was completely gorgeous, so Don and I decided to get out amongst it.

We were thinking bike ride, but I am desperately in need of practice and the bike path I was keen on was in the same area as a couple of biggish events.

So we dusted off our Sydney walks book (which had lain on the shelf, unloved, for well over two years), picked an easy walk, jumped in Panzo and headed to the other side of the harbour.

I took the new 125mm (manual) lens for its first outing and holy!goodness! I definitely need much, much, much more experience. Below are a couple that were not immediately consigned to the bin:

And from the trusty AwfulPhone to get a sense of location:

After initially taking the wrong path for about 1.2km, we corrected ourselves, headed 1.2km back to the start and walked the 8.6km easy path along the Lane Cove River. There were several parts that were not at all what I would define as easy, but it was not too arduous and we had a very pleasant time.

Afterward we vowed to do long walks more frequently. So many of our recent outings have involved shopping that we’d quite forgotten how to do something together that did not involve handing over large amounts cash!

2 thoughts on “reboot

  1. Thanks! I definitely have increased admiration for photographers – shooting manual is really hard.

    A bought it a couple of years ago from the Book Man, I think it was $5. It is quite a good, but being the slackers we are, we’ve only used it maybe five times. Each walk has a description, wee map and narrative directions (like 2. turn left at the giant pink rock) and closest public transport. I’m sure you’d like it!
    ISBN is 9781921203145

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