I’ve been relatively productive this weekend – on Saturday I’d been for a 3km run, visited the butcher, greengrocer, chemist and filled the car with petrol before 9:30am and had chicken stock on the go before 10:30. Full of win and achieving!

Then I spent a good deal of time doing laundry tasks, making chili con carne and watching many episodes of grand designs. And I knitted a lot of stocking stitch.

admire the evenness of my stitches

I love this acrylic yarn and the stripey effect, but I have NO idea what to do with it. I was thinking a cushion, but I’m really not feeling it. What I really need to do is get about 20 balls and knit a stocking stitch blanket. From memory, the ball was $2.95, so I’ll have to do some maths to see how much I’d need for to make one – and wait for a sale. The stocking stitch is very meditative.

Yesterday we bought garden things and did the spring planting. The soil in all the pots was dire and needed an injection of manure. It was a difficult decision between cow, chicken and sheep – but we went for the traditional cow. It’s a shame kitty poop is not known for its fertilising properties because we have PLENTY of it. We’ve gone for minimalist plantings this year: basil, parsley, coriander, additional thyme, mint, rocket and a passionfruit vine – which hopefully eventually will cover the railing and provide shade for the seedlings and more delicate plants. All thoughts of tomatoes and cucumber have been abandoned – inevitably ends up disappointing.

Today is a public holiday. Daylight savings has commenced, the weather is gorgeous and Don will be smoking ribs in harky, the smoker. I plan to pack away the winter clothes, embrace the ironing and maybe finally complete those shopping bags.

I do so enjoy these lazy times. As do the kitties:

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