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We’ve been in the new SML digs for a week and I love the space – light, bright, spacious, great view, modern, all the things! Of course there are the requisite highly vocal whingers whom nothing would satisfy. I’ve tried to be relentlessly, sickeningly positive and enthusiastic to counteract this – which is quite exhausting.

Work started rather later than normal on Monday morning and we had dudes at ThePalace(OfLove) servicing the air-conditioners, so I decided I’d walk the 6(ish) km in to work because it was a beautiful morning. I failed to factor in time for photography en route, so it took a smidge longer than planned. I have no regrets.

red carpet for the Canberra bus

Don was working insane hours last week, so I decided I’d walk home as well.

I think that probably satisfied my exercise quotient for the week.


SML is newly partnering with a couple of snake-oil merchants on an international initiative – let’s call it Project Compost. Several of us attended a presentation on Friday by one of the aforesaid merchants. SOM was a pretty engaging presenter and made a quite compelling case – it was only when you lifted the hood that you realised it was all smoke, mirrors, emperors new clothes and pretty much completely unworkable.

Afterward, while refreshments were being served, Heather, Knut, Ringo and I were standing about discussing the project. I commented that I found our partnership super-interesting, primarily because SOM was neutral on worm-farming, whereas under our new leadership, SML is becoming very rabidly and vocally anti-worm farming – where previously we deliberately held no position.

It was at this point that Randall, Knut’s new employee (of 2 days) joined us. Being an inclusive sort of person, I explained to Randall that “I was just saying I find this partnership really intriguing because [SML worm-farming history]”.

Randall, who has no compost or worm-farming experience or exposure, then began to mansplain SOM’s position to me. Me (politely): “Yes, I understand SOM’s position, I’m interested in how it appears at odds with the direction we’re taking as an organisation”. He then tried to school me again! At that point I looked at my watch and said “Well, I really need to get back to the office”. Heather and Ringo also quickly departed and we were all “WTF was that?!” in the lift.

I’ve noticed a marked increase in this kind of thing recently and I am alternately kind of bemused, exhausted and enraged by it. Is this a wider societal shift? Perhaps I’ve just been immune all this time?

I think it must be somewhat political. SML and most of my previous employers have skewed to the left and I generally surround myself with similar thinking people. I now have 3 very right wing colleagues (two are avowed Libertarians!) and all three are the biggest mansplainers I’ve ever encountered.

I’ve been brooding on this since. I really do hate it when I let ridiculous things like this get to me. Really, I just need to be more assertive in laying the smack down.

2 thoughts on “workly matters

  1. is worm farming a metaphor? had to refer back to your cast list as am super confused on SOM. Mansplaining I have no problem in understanding. I think it’s our tolerance level which has shifted. Also, generational – i.e., young people having no idea we know anything

    • Yep, metaphor for hot industry topic. ACK! Should be clearer in my abbreviations, SOM was for Snake Oil Merchant – hopefully will not make a further appearance.

      I would give a pass on age, but they’re both within 5 or-so-years of me!

      You’re definitely right about the tolerance level, I have no inclination to indulge such nonsense!

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