services the team in terms of stationery, birthdays, cakes etc

We’re shortly moving offices at SML and after 10 years in the current location there is much pre-move culling happening.

Heather found my very first SML performance review stashed away amongst a whole load of other stuff left from former managers. It reads rather like a school report.

Best comment: “we asked that she uses her strong personality in a positive manner with staff”. Bwahaha – story of my life.

I’d completely forgotten my extreme angst at having to articulate career objectives, but this really brought it back. What a completely different person past-me was!

Interestingly, I’d also forgotten this gem: ” … after some discussion the role of [ice-skater/brain-surgeon/shearer] was canvassed with carolbaby who agreed this might be a future role for her to consider”.

And now, after a lengthy and very roundabout career at SML (with no thought to that discussion), I am head of ice-skating/brain-surgery/shearing. Who would have thought?

I’ll be adding these documents to the camping burn pile – which is becoming alarmingly large.

2 thoughts on “services the team in terms of stationery, birthdays, cakes etc

  1. I have long struggled with such questions – how can one possibly know where one’s career should go? And isn’t it most impolite prying to ask? I do wish I’d thought of setting up an ice-skating/brain surgery/shearing unit…

    • Precisely! I would never have planned to be an ice-skater/brain surgeon/shearer, but here I am.

      But I still don’t have any idea what I want to do when I grow up.

      I’m always suspicious of those who have their lives precisely mapped out.

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