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I think perhaps I need to rename the Land of Freaks, Acronyms and Meetings. I’m thinking The Sinking Ship is very probably apt – particularly as people are leaving as fast as rats would be deserting a ship which is sinking.

The latest on the list is my manager – ack! She announced it today – and shockwaves were felt thoughtout the building. I really like her and she has been a pleasure to work for (even if she does have wacky ideas at times and she as not as cool & groovy as my other manager – ersatz-madame-thingy). So that is 5 in the last month in my department alone.

Its gotten so bad I’m thinking of running a dead pool only, you know, without the dead people.

I know at least 60% of those at The Sinking Ship are actively pursuing alternate employment. Ordinarily I would join them – but my appraisal went interestingly (in an interestingly good way) and both Managers1 are actively supporting me doing lots of training, which I think I would be really silly not to take advantage of.

Both Managers were really pushing the career objective line – “What are your long term career goals?” “I don’t really have any”. “If you weren’t at The Sinking Ship, what would you want to do?”. “I have no idea”. See how focussed, motivated and disciplined I am? To say they were aghast would be rather an understatement. When questioned further I pointed out that it was rather useless to have goals, because the universe would invariably come and stuff up any plans you might make. Hmmmm – that’s a bit of a negative attitude, isn’t it? But at least I am realistic. As these are very driven, career-oriented women who have strictly mapped-out career plans, they just didn’t get it. But it did make me consider that perhaps the reason Nancy is so reluctant to do any school work is because I am setting a bad example.

1I was unaware of the aforementioned impending departure of one of them

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