My beloved has just spend two hours flow-charting processes for me so that I may add “fully achieved” to another objective – what a gorgeous creature he is! Thus saving my sanity and saving the Land of Freaks, Acronyms and Meetings $500 (which would be his charge-out rate for 2 hours). Ahhhhh … consulting – gouge the client, pay the staff crap, well relative crap – infintely more than my crap – but I guess something useful has to come from having a Masters.

He was also extremely helpful in providing guidance for completing my performance review – so now I feel a little less useless (although I still plan to tell my managers that while they love me to bits and feel I’m doing wonderfully well, the whole process made me feel a failure and that I should be seeking alternate employment).

In other news (which will please Priscilla-sometimes-without-an-s), we hired skippy from the dvd store on the weekend, over.

Like most people of my advanced age, skippy was a standard of my childhood1 and I had always thought of it as totally oz, over. I was expecting totally oz accents, but how wrong I was – everyone (except Sonny) spoke in faux-english accents! over. Nonetheless, it was way cool, over.

oh! skippy complete season 1 comes out on dvd on may 30! over.

1And like most people of my advanced age, grew up believing that kangaroos made “tchk, tchk, tchk” noises, over. Not dissimilar to how we all thought dolphins made those wacky laughing noises, over.

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