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Yesterday afternoon Don, Bessie and I headed out to spotless stadium to watch the ducks play the bogans. This was an away game for us and not not covered by our ducks membership, but Bessie had scored some cheap (and pretty excellent) tickets. Joe/Frank did not join us because he had his first shift at his first job! (That is a post for another time).

We’d not been out to that stadium before and it was a really great venue for watching football. The weather was completely glorious, super warm and we finally felt like we were defrosting after the very cold winter. It was an excellent day – everything I love about going to the footy, afternoon game, small stadium, great atmosphere. If only more of our games were on in the afternoon instead of starting at 7:50pm (and last for over 2 1/2 hours), I would possibly be a little more engaged.


Today was crazy-productive. This morning, I managed my first 5km run since 5 April! The magical device tells me that this was only my 4th 5km this year. I’ve really let the running slide and hope to get back to regularly running something over 3km, or even running more than twice a week, as the weather warms up.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of pants hemming and have also been working on that quilt (!) in the last week. Both of these have required a fair bit of tacking (basting). I was bemoaning the waste of decent thread on this when it occurred to me that I should try to source a cone of cheap overlocking (serging) thread on eBay to use instead. Then I remembered that I had seen some last time I was at Reverse Garbage. I decided to chance it and walked down today … and for the princely sum of around $6, Bessie and I now have enough thread to last us for several years:

NewKitty was kind of keen on it too

When I arrived home I baked cornflake and craisin cookies, kitschenette’s excellent berry + yoghurt cake and made lamb rogan josh from scratch.

And while grocery shopping this week, I was compelled to acquire our 15th type of sugar.

I never heard of coconut sugar and had no immediate use for it, but I was certain I could find one. And I could!
The InformationSuperhighway sent me in the direction of coconut sugar cookies and there was nothing for it but to make them. They definitely have promise, though not coconutty at all, but I’d add some nutmeg, cinnamon or ground ginger next time.

I am now ready to collapse in a heap.

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