in australia, first you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the …

and there will be bears brewed


It’s a Long Weekend!


We call it the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, but of course QE2’s birthday is in April. I think it was formerly known as Empire Day, but has been co-opted for a quite confusing non-birthday thing (get off my lawn, kiddies with your “happy birthday Lizzie”).

I care not for the minutiae, I just care that I am not required to rock up to SML on Monday.

In my childhood (aeons ago) the Sunday of this weekend was known as “cracker night” and many a firework was purchased at newsagents, drunken adults set them off in buckets of sand, pets were traumatised and every year at least one child was left without an eye.

Crackers are now sadly banned.


I have tons of action items this weekend. Mostly these revolve around decluttering and tidying (and so much cooking).


We were awake this morning betimes because … kitties. Don was on a wait-list for Saturday jolf and was advised of a tee-time at 11.49pm last evening (of course, being Old People we were well asleep). So clearly TheUniverse was looking out for him when he was awake and checking his emails at 5:35am.

I chose to use the unexpected alone time to (amongst other things) tidy the garage – so much clutter, and do we really need those bikes?

And to tidy the sugar cupboard. Yes, we have a shelf in a cupboard which is pretty much dedicated to sugar. In the midst of cleaning I took the opportunity to take a sugar inventory (listed below):

  1. light muscovado
  2. dark muscovado
  3. golden caster
  4. raw
  5. yellow rock
  6. demerara
  7. raw caster
  8. soft light brown
  9. dark brown
  10. brown
  11. icing sugar
  12. icing mixture
  13. caster
  14. white

Yeah, we very much like baking. Except not so much now that we are on 5:2. Even more so that we have ceased with the incessant snacking on the 5. The result? So. Much. Slenderness.


Tomorrow? More jolf. I might also clean the bathroom, go for a very short run, cook foodz and construct a muslin.

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