and asleep by 9:45

lovely, cuddlesome elektra

This afternoon after a morning of jolf / hauswerk / run / stock making / strengths assessment** and other administrivia, Don and I did the rounds to stock up on kitty provisions. Would that we could obtain our supplies from a central location, but we are forced to buy our preferred food from one store and bulk kitty litter from another.

At the kitty litter store we were persuaded to go and visit with some rescue kitties. These kitties were much nicer than our aloof, grumpish ladies and were all about the snuggling and friendliness toward one another (and us). It was all we could do not to bring one (or two) of them home with us.

I’ve been getting quite a bit done on the cooking and tidying/decluttering front – 3 large garbage bags to the charity shop yesterday! I can’t quite pinpoint why, but I appear to be avoiding some of the personal projects and the less pleasant chores on my weekend action items list.

<much later>

As soon as I wrote the above, I jumped up, vacuumed 3 flights of stairs and banisters and scrubbed our bathroom. I feel much better and less full of whinging.

Tomorrow I think I will force myself to do all the things. And avoid acquiring another cat!

**yep, more SML leader stuff (but seriously, I cannot get enough of quizzes and introspection). Results were pretty much accurate (though the descriptors set my teeth on edge): activator, relator, strategic, achiever, positivity. Thankfully I did not get intellection – because how is that even a word?

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