We’ve only had the passionfruit vine since October so were amazed this week when Don spotted a flower and then a baby passionfruit!

Surely it is not even passionfruit season?


Part of the declutttering on Saturday was (re)reviewing the contents of my bedside table. I have had this soap since 2004:

Yes, that is almost 11 years.

Keeping soap for 11 years is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things ever (what was I thinking?!), so I ripped it out of the packaging and put it in the shower. It lathers really well and is very creamy.


Late last week I managed to catch the sunrise – a rarity because I’m generally in my post-pre-dawn-kitty-feeding-snooze when the sun comes up.

2 thoughts on “prettiful

  1. I have been slightly horrified by the age of some of the things I have found in my food cupboard. Foodstuff older than 5 years must surely indicate you are somewhere on the hoarder scale. I’m glad your soap is still capable of lathering despite its vintage status.

    • I think I read somewhere that the older soap is, the better the lathering properties – but now I cannot find reference to it at all. I’m more seeing that it can turn rancid – ewww.

      I don’t even want to think about the age of the asian-y sauces in the pantry (oh! next decluttering project). Though fortunately, while the soap predates Don, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t bring food to the relationship.

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