the mrs hardly morning toilette usually includes 2 squirts of Crabtree & Evelyn Vanilla* Eau de Toilette before setting off to batshitcrazyorg – it is THE most divine smell EVER – so unusual and non-traditional-perfumey. I have had the same bottle for EIGHT YEARS and am down to about a quarter of the bottle – the fragrance is just as gorgeous now as when I purchased it. (those [very few normal people] at batshitcrazyorg refer to it as the “mrshardly smell”**)

i’m not usually one for heavy fragrance – “freshly scrubbed skin is all the fragrance a girl needs” – and i loathe the really stinky artificial floral frangrances of most perfumes give my sinuses a very hard time, but I just adore this one!

Imagine my horror to discover that Vanilla has been discontinued world wide!!! The sales assistant in Crabtree & Evelyn suggested layering the bath gel and body lotion to attempt to replicate it because they have NO eau de toilette left at all in Australia. So naturally I purchased them, but the effect scent-wise is not quite the same. Whatever will I do? I will have to find a new smell – but this has been my smell for EIGHT YEARS!!! and I loathe most other smells.

its very vexing indeed.

*Vanilla Orchid, not cooking-type vanilla Vanilla.

**they assure me that this is a good thing – although I originally was quite aghast – I have a SMELL??? the mrs hardly signature fragrance sounds so much nicer (and less stinky)

2 thoughts on “stinky

  1. I think I need a scent.
    I never wear perfume – they are all so strong and horrible smelling, I gag when women with perfume walk past me, I don’t want to be the one making people gag!
    I am yet to find anything I like apart from my roll on deodorant!

  2. this is why i am DISTRAUGHT that vanilla has been discontinued – it took YEARS to stumble across that one. a bottle that had been *used* just sold on ebay for US$20! ouch.

    i can now understand all those people who go into mourning when cosmetics they like are discontinued – formerly i just thought they were tossers, but now I feel their pain.

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