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I decided to go for a short run this evening and it was so horribly humid it felt like running through treacle – and took about as long as you’d expect running through treacle would. I even got a stitch half-way through – it feels like an age since I’ve had one.

I’ll be pleased when the cooler weather settles in. Hopefully I will be encouraged to get out a little more.


I’m delighted and relieved that our wills have been prepared, signed and witnessed and are with solicitor for safe keeping. We used nest legal (discovered for us by Joan). The whole process was really seamless and we barely had to expend any effort – completed a form, exchanged a couple of emails and held a phone conference. Would very highly recommend if you’re looking to do this.

The best thing about having put it off for so long is that now the babies are adults, we don’t have to bother with trusts and such.

We still need to organise to have our powers of attorney signed (which will require feats of logistics) – but apart from that all good and feeling very grown up!


A few of the things I’ve been reading / listening to lately talk about making your personal goals a major priority in your life and doing *stuff* each day to work toward them.

It was at this point I realised that I don’t actually really have any.

Sure, I have shared financial and retirement goals with Don and I have my annual projects list and occasional lists of action items. But I really don’t think that those really count as mid-to-long-term personal goals.

I think this is kind of dreadful.

So I am giving a good deal of thought about one (non-work-related) thing that I am interested in pursuing and achieving over the next 1-2+ years. Just for me.

Will report back.


Oh, and I am pleased to report that THE MAGICAL COLD SORE TABLETS WORKED!!!!!

No cold sore.

Must stock up.

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