piano man

rather nice view from my bedroom window

This morning I woke at a ridiculous time to feed the kitties and the brain would not let me get back to sleep. So I tooled about on the tablet and took photos of the sunrise.

I knew this month would be a challenge and it has delivered in spades. Fortunately, unlike before TheReckoning, we’re all pulling together and making it work. Heather, AnxiousMum and I have really gone over and above to help out Knut and get things done. I take no small credit for this because it is my job to ensure we deliver (and managing the big personalities is really quite challenging). Despite the extreme stress there is camaraderie developing. There will be much drinking at the end of it all.

Tonight there was wine and then impromptuly visiting the neighbours to whinge about another neighbour who had run cables across our roofs without asking (thereby ruining our tv reception). Then we discussed very very many leaks we’re experiencing and the horrors of living in a converted factory – which seems so cool before you are in it.

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