have strange things happened, are you going ’round the twist?

Today was full of cooking.

Don actioned the mise en place and I cooked and cooked: welsh lamb pie for dinner, and a 5:2 cassoulet for a week night dinner and kitty stock.

so much prep, so much washing up!

5:2 cassoulet – tinned cherry tomatoes are pretty excellent

bought this muji 15ml tablespoon in Hong Kong, is great for all manner of things

gingerbread and hearts


I’m still getting the hang of my new camera, but I adore it. The kitties are very patient subjects.


Over dinner we watched a documentary on the very recently deceased former PM Malcolm Fraser.

I grew up viewing him as the enemy, but he in recent years it became apparent that he really was a very decent, compassionate, humanitarian man. It is very apparent the nowadays the left skews way more to the right than the actual right was in the 70s and 80s.

I wept buckets while watching.


Bessie made mini skillet berry cobblers. We didn’t have wee skillets, but did have wee pie plates.

They were excellent!

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2 Responses to have strange things happened, are you going ’round the twist?

  1. I just can’t stop singing that refrain from your title, now!


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