how can it only be tuesday?

what a lovely poppet Don is

The days are definitely drawing in, evidenced by that the kitties waking me this morning as the alarm went off!

Sleeping in until 6:45am was the height of luxury! All through summer and through last week it was around 5:10am! Only a week and a half until daylight savings ends, so I’ll enjoy this snoozy bliss while I can.


Fast day today and it was a challenge. Some fast days I’m not terribly hungry at all, but today I was starving and the brain really wanted carbs to function – but of course I resisted the temptation. The beauty of 5:2 is that if I still want carbs tomorrow I can have some toast (or pasta or cake). It is quite easy to suppress any cravings knowing I can wait. I still haven’t managed to be able to work in regular running to the 5:2 routine though, I must try to address this in April.


I felt like a super hero tonight because after the dishes had been cleared, I decided to prep for tomorrow night’s dinner to save time when we get home from grocery shopping.

I also decluttered an old work ID badge from 23 years and two surnames ago. It was pinned on the cork board on the fridge. I had a quite excellent perm.

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