action lady

Tonight I managed to (mostly) stay off the Information Superhighway! I printed out and stuck together the pattern for this dress which I’d downloaded last Sunday.

I’m hoping to get a muslin made over the weekend. If the muslin works, the plan is to have one of Bessie’s fabric designs from her first textile design assessment printed on spoonflower and to make myself a casual dress.

And yay! One of the projects on the incomplete 50 before 50 list started! Incomplete because I am struggling to come up with a whole 50 things – which is kind of sad. Must think on it.


I’m trialling a new task management system at SML:

Yellow for work stuff, orange for personal. So far it is working a whole lot better than the endless to do lists in my notepad – where things became forgotten once the page is turned.

Stars of course being infinitely more professional than the hearts I was considering.

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