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This weekend I’ve really made a conscious effort to stay away from the computer.

As I mentioned I’ve been listening to a lot of personal productivity podcasts – which is kind of lame and possibly verging on culty, but has the excellent effect of making not obsess about SML and makes me want to action *stuff*.

So yesterday while listening, I actioned extreme vacuuming (behind the fridge, the exhaust fan &etc), tons of ironing, made a curry, actioned more decluttering, and a bunch of other things.

And last evening I was all like, let’s take a break on the no wine thing, have a couple of glasses and just reflect.

All this listening and reflecting has really made me realise that everyone I’m pals with at SML (so the majority of non-family peeps I have contact with) have no actual goals or plans for their lives. Sure, they talk endlessly (for years and years) about all the things that they are going to do – but they never actually do them. They drift and they are miserable and whingey and really quite negative.

I think this has a great deal to do with my recent meh!-ness. I’m really kind of pleased that I have now identified this and can be conscious to avoid getting sucked into the abyss.

And the wine and reflection was definitely what I needed – though I probably indulged a smidge too much.


Despite the unplanned alcohol consumption, surprisingly I felt no ill-effects and went out for a 3km run this morning.

Early in, I ran past Clarissfer, yelled “hi” and was motivated enough not to look like a plodder – all fastness (well as fast as I am able!) and proper form.

Later I passed three dudes who were clearly on their way home from a big night out and who were keen to high-five me – which was pretty cute and neat.

I was pretty amazed when I got home to have achieved my fastest km ever (wut!? last fastest Sept 2014) and fastest mile (last fastest Sept 2013)!

I’m really quite pleased with that – perhaps there is hope for my running yet.


Don and I have done a bunch of stuff today including grocery shopping in two locations, long slow cooking for tonight and thursday night, making chicken stock for the kitties, a bunch of (new) ironing and finally sold the no longer required camping equipment on Gumtree.

Very productive – and I’ve barely looked at the InformationSuperhighway at all.


The downside to this is that I can feel a cold sore coming on. Pah!

But the good news about this is that I’m trying out some (allegedly) magical cold sore tablets which apparently stop it developing. It was not inexpensive (probably about $24 for a dose – 3 tablets you take all at once) but if it stops me developing a bleeding mess all over my face.

Will report back on the efficacy.

I will think positive, but already there is crazy itching.


And yay! after all this I feel like I am in a pretty good place and can nudge myself into a more positive direction.

2 thoughts on “kick it

  1. can you give some recommendations on the podcasts? I did the ironing, too! 5 duvet covers and umpteen pillow cases. Now I need to reorganise the linen cupboard to accommodate them

    • I admire your ability to iron linens. I don’t even know how we ended up with clothes which require ironing – it didn’t used to be so!

      I’ve been listening to The 5am Miracle – it is Super Cheesy (seriously, so cheesy) and very, very upbeat. Normally I would hate this kind of thing, but it is refreshing to hear some positivity.

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