naked blind date island

5:2 lunch: finn crisps + shaved smoked ham + lettuce + cherry tomatoes (about 100-110 calories)

We’ve been on the 5:2 diet for around 7 months – which includes a month break for Xmas, so lets say 6 months. So I figured it was a good idea to bust out the tape measure and see where we are up to.

I started out at 94-77-94 (37-30-37) and now …. 89-70-89 (35-27.5-35)! A 5-7-5cm loss! Which is pretty gosh-darned Ace!

And Don, we only measured his belly, but he has lost 9cm! Wow!

A couple of months ago, I loaned the fast cook to Vincenzo (who has been talking about starting for about 6 months) because we weren’t really using it. He recently gave it back and it was like a revelation! Already we’ve cooked three meals from it and they have all been amazing – how did we miss them before?

One of the most clever things was realizing I could cook long slow dishes on the weekend and reheat on fast day – yeah, duh. I cooked hot paprika goulash on Sunday and reheated on Thursday – it was amazing and absolutely delicious.


Today we saw the new planner. It was a freebie consult and we spoke for almost 2 hours. He was very much about looking at our finances holistically which is what we were hoping for. Don and I really liked what he had to say – so he is putting together a proposal for us (again no cost) and we’ll go from there.


Because we had the planning meeting in the middle of the day, I decided to take the day off and planned to not even touch emails. Except I’d forgotten to put my out of office notification on, so just logged into my mail for a second – argh! So much rage at really tiresome people. So I spent a while dealing with aggravating nonsense.

Surrounding that I managed to get in a 5km run – the first since 26 January (before that it was 3 December). Exhausting – but same pace as ever, which was surprising and a little pleasing.

I pottered about a bit and listened to productivity podcasts (my latest enthusiasm). I also hemmed a pair of white linen pants that I’ve had for about 7 years (and haven’t been able to fit into for many of those years). I was wearing them today and I’ve long been annoyed by their too-longness, so I took action and re-hemmed them then and there rather than putting it off any longer.

I really want to do more of that sort of thing. More action, less dithering.


Tonight Joan joined us for (too much) wine and Thai home delivery. We talked about her upcoming trip planning (must post about that separately), gossiped about Vincenzo, she annoyed the kitties with too much love and we watch a very peculiar, very naked dutch reality show on SBS.

Good times.

3 thoughts on “naked blind date island

  1. Yep, still doing it. I think we’re planning to keep it up indefinitely (except for Xmas & holidays) for the health benefits.

    We’re quite slow on the uptake and have only recently realised we can slow cook low cal meals on the weekend and heat up on one of the fast days. This has been a revelation!

    Some days are more difficult than others!

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