You might remember the teensy spring onion/scallion/sybie plants which we grew from dried up ends and planted in December 2013? They are performing well beyond expectations! Some are approximately the diameter of small leaks – I feel this may mean they won’t be terribly useful for cooking, but I love the unkemptness of the whole thing.


Knees were hurting yesterday, which I attributed to terrible form when attempting squats, so I’ve eliminated the medicine ball from that bit of the micro-circuit until I improve. Otherwise keeping up – such a small commitment that I can easily persuade myself to do it before jumping into bed. Whether it actually has benefits is another matter entirely, but it must be at least marginally better than doing nothing.

4 thoughts on “unruly

    • Argh! Stupid autocorrect on the tablet! I really should turn it off because it does more harm than good.

      No success at all with celery once it gets in the ground, I gave up after a couple of attempts because, like yours, it rotted away. I wonder what would happen if it was just kept in water? Though probably would need nutrients at some point.

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