randy who?

You may recall the experiment in growing new celery from the base of an old bit of celery – which worked a treat until we planted it outdoors and it became all mouldy and spoot and died. At the same time I read somewhere that one could do a similar thing with the bottoms of what you might call shallots or green onions or spring onions (there are so many names and I cannot keep them straight).

While cleaning out the bottom of the vegetable “crisper” (yes, like it actually keeps anything crisp) last week, I found a couple of dried up old shallot ends and shoved them in a glass of water. It is absolutely no word of a lie that they grew at least 2cm in a day.

21 December

By yesterday they had grown so much that they were ready for planting:

28 December

Of course it will be the ultimate test now that they are in the garden. Allegedly you can just chop bits off and they will grow back.

Yay! Nature!


This is by way of a public service announcement: I would like to take this opportunity to suggest that you all take the time right now (I’ll wait) to check the expiry date on your driver’s licence.

Don went through a Random Breath Test check yesterday on the way back from golf. No problems, of course, until they checked his licence, whereupon the nice policeman discovered it had expired 20 days prior (which he’d completely forgotten about). Ouch!

You don’t even want to know how much the fine is, suffice to say it is much, much, much, much more than you would expect. Add that to the $101 parking fine from when I was in RPA emergency and it is really lucky that we’re embarking on a Frugality project!

To top off a very bad day, he came last in his grade in golf. He has advised me to never let him shave his beard off again “because bad things happen”.


The hat is coming along swimmingly after a few glitches requiring a bit of ripping back. I had to race out and get an extra ball of wool today so that I can complete it. I will ever learn to add in a buffer and buy more wool than is necessary. I think a three ball minimum is mandatory henceforth (not that I will be buying more wool, when all this Frugal is happening).

just discovered that my SMLphone has a square setting and i am in heaven

I was also compelled to buy more wool so that I can challenge myself a little more with the brooklyn tweed bray cap. Must get all my spending in before the Frugal starts.

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