experiments in gardening: part 858493932

Back at the end of January I bought a knob of ginger to make spicy ginger soda. And it sat unloved on the bench for a couple of weeks because I was immediately distracted by delicious lemonade.

I was debating chucking it in the freezer (which is a really most excellent way to store ginger), I noticed a wee green shoot, and rather than freeze, I decided to observe in the name of Science!

Now a month after purchase, we have:

betty the woven goanna’s tail to the left of the shot, not a strange grey, furry growth

Quite amazing!

I blame the heat and humidity for the rapid growth. According to the InformationSuperhighway it can be planted and harvested in a year or two. Harvesting is unlikely, but I’m intrigued to see what happens. Hopefully this does not go the way of the last experiment

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