holiday: day eight

Happy New Year!

It is quite revoltingly warm today. I started off with a sticky and steamy 5km(ish) run and took along my spycam which had been sitting very unloved masquerading as a fridge magnet while I was injured.

I am glad I’ll have it to accompany me on future outings!


Don painted a second coat of enamel on the front door earlier today. It looks even more amazing than after the first coat, but is So Stinky. We think it will probably need another, final coat then hopefully the smell will disperse in about 6 months. While this was happening I unsuccessfully looked for the teensy missing piece of Joe/Frank’s watch and mended a teensy hole in a sheet (frugality!).

We then went grocery shopping. ROCK AND ROLL!

Grocery shopping was ever-so-slightly infuriating because there was no duck fat (okay, probably not surprising), but there was also no cream. Plenty of thickened cream, but no actual pouring-style cream – the dairy area has been reorganised and there wasn’t even a section for it.

Being all frugal and such I’m planning to free-style my coconut paletas using the double cream we already have in the fridge and milk. But still, how can a well-stocked supermarket not sell cream?


I’ve mentioned before that ThePalace(OfLove) was apparently previously painted by blind toddlers. One particularly aggravating area was where the stairs to the third level met the ceiling.

This patch of white has been irritating us for over 2.5 years, mocking us whenever we sat on the couch. I’d tried a number of removal techniques in less conspicuous areas (believe me there were plenty to choose from!), but these removed the black too.

Today I busted out the ladder, a tin of matt black enamel and touched up. Glorious!

I love these tiny little things can make such a positive difference to the enjoyment of the space. Yeah, I could have done it six months ago, but NO RECRIMINATIONS (which should be my watch-word for 2015).


When I came downstairs this morning, I was confronted by the results of one of my experiments:

All together: “Ewwwwwwww”. Not at all what I expected.

Thankfully the teensy flying creatures were all contained within the … container.

Let’s consider that experiment over.


This evening I plan to take the 2014 diary and update all the meals on the 2014 dinners page. Yep, we did record every evening meal in 2014 – I was just a smideg delayed in getting them into electronic form – but remember – NO RECRIMINATIONS.

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