holiday: day four

Day four started out with spending a fortune on exterior paint at the local paint store so we could do a proper job of graffiti coverage the next time the taggers hit. On Day Two I’d used sample pots, but I’d pretty much exhausted the contents and I knew it was only a matter of time before we’d need to paint again (ooooh! foreshadowing!).

Then it was time to meet up with Heather, Vincenzo and Clarissifer for lunch and a couple of drinks at my fave local pub. The previously unmentioned Clarissifer is another SML(er), is a mad foodie and has just moved literally around the corner. She’s just returned from an apparently disastrous (and thankfully short) move to the country – and she’s so great that Heather created a job for her. Very exciting as I’m sure she will quickly discover all of the great things in the neighbourhood that Don and I have been too lazy to find for ourselves.

festive drink

I had two Giant festive drinks and some excellent bbq. It was Very Pleasant. The very green and lush outdoor space in that pub is something I want to emulate on our top floor, desert-like balcony. And surprisingly SML was barely discussed – much more chattering about food, books, movies, television. Lovely!

Then I had a wee sleep on the couch and a sloth around watching two kinds of cricket with my very favourite people.

Yay! Holidays!


Also, there was science!

I found these very interesting seed pods:

1. front steps 2. 1st floor balcony

And this Giant Cocoon thing in the basil:

weird cocoon

Naturally, I’ve set up a couple of experiments to observe what happens.

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