holiday: day five

ARGH! How can we be five days down already?

Anyway, I did not run this morning because I seem to have pulled a muscle in my shoulder while reaching for my water bottle when I woke up. Ouch. Hopefully I’ll be all sparkly tomorrow and get in a quick 3km.


As foreshadowed in the previous post, when I went out this morning to collect the bin there were two brand new tags on the formerly pristine wall.

Little bastards.

I’m prepared to fight this battle, so I took pix and uploaded them to vandaltrak, then I reported to the non-emergency police number (the woman I spoke to urged me to call and report new graffiti every time), and then I spent the morning painting the front again.

The passers-by were again chatty and sympathetic. Truly this is a scourge – like dog-poop was a scourge in Glebe. Except in Glebe pretty much the worst that could happen is that you’d spend a couple of hours scrubbing your shoe.

While all this was happening, Don was painting the front door in a very fetching blue. We’ve painted the rest of ThePalace(OfLove) in water-based paint, but we thought the front door needed proper enamel. And wow! really very challenging and messy. 4 hours until touch dry and 16 hours before the second coat can be applied! We’ve rigged up a barrier at the security door so the kitties cannot escape and we can let it dry. Despite all this the gloss is quite amazing and it will look quite spectacular when complete.


Last evening, because I am totally influenced by others – I downloaded the life-changing magic of tidying. I’ve yet to read beyond the first couple of pages, but because I really want to find joy in my belongings, we visited the bonds outlet store and I bought new underwear (at 40% off!) that actually fits me and does not fall down. This is very exciting. The existing collection will be summarily binned.


Because we tend toward the DFH1, we try not to spend our $$ at the major supermarkets, but to patronise local stores and independents.

One of our goals for 2015 will be to leave it as long as humanly possible before setting foot into a Coles or Woolworths or their subsidiaries.

This is why I ended up at the outlet store today for underwear, rather than target or k-mart and why we visited the local paint store and local hardware store yesterday, rather than Bunnings.

However, this position does cause all sorts of internal conflict. The desire for supporting diversity in the marketplace vs saving money – because oftentimes Coles and Woolies are substantially cheaper than elsewhere.

So far we have managed to avoid all of these things since Xmas Eve, I don’t think we can last a whole year, because, convenience, but we’ll have a crack.


Now I am drinking wine. I said I wouldn’t today, but hey … it is holiday!


1Dirty Hippy

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