holiday: day three

When Don’s aunt and uncle were here earlier in the year, they very kindly gifted us with vouchers for a meal at doyles on the beach, so we decided to bust them out for our SIXTH wedding anniversary.

Neither of us had been to the restaurant before and we quite expected it to be an over-priced tourist trap, but hey, it wasn’t costing us anything and the location is gorgeous.

It was a kind of bleak day and we took the ferry out. This after walking the 5 km to central (by way of the GP for Don – who hurt his ribs again at golf yesterday). Irrespective of the gloom, the ride was still glorious. We do live in an amazingly lovely city:

We stopped in for a drink at the Watsons Bay Hotel before our booking and the food there looked amazing including an enormous paella being cooked in a Giant Pan which looked and smelled to die for.

The menu at Doyles was pretty conventional and somewhat unimaginative. We chose a half dozen fresh tasmanian oysters for entree and they were utterly magnificent, after that … well, the mains (salmon for me, barramundi for Don) were decent, but I wouldn’t necessarily say they were worth $42+ each. In retrospect, we rather wished we had just gorged ourselves on the wonderful oysters. And the service, adequate (pleasant, not terribly attentive).

We did have a lovely time though – and definitely worth sending your out of town guests.

And SIX YEARS of marriage – Holy!Goodness! that is all sorts of record breaking!

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