holiday: day two (b)

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So I’ve been stockpiling books on the kindle for the trip to Hong Kong, but now I have so many that I should probably start busting them out now!

The list:

This is why the kindle is the best tech I own. It has completely transformed my reading habits – I can bump the typeface up to Giant-size for my Old Lady Eyes, I can hear/read about a book and get it instantly, rather than putting it on a vague mental list and remembering what I was after on the rare occasion I visit a bookstore.

I’m still trying to read good things (and relatively new things – many of the above were in best 2014 lists) amongst my beloved trash – recommendations most assuredly welcome!

I know there are at least 6 of you visiting here – seriously, give me something to read!

11 thoughts on “holiday: day two (b)

  1. I just read the latest India Knight – In your prime – which is good but you’ll skim through same as the one above. I liked A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg (orangette, if you ever read her book) and my sister gave me Jane Shemilt “Daughter” for Christmas which looks good.

    • Thank you!

      I started Thrift while in the Drs waiting room (waiting for Broken Don) this morning, I see what you mean about the skimming, but will definitely get in your prime!

      Wow, I’d completely forgotten organette! Will definitely source that.

      Let me know how daughter goes!

  2. I am quite enamoured with Geoffrey McGeachin’s Charlie Berlin series, the first is The Diggers Rest Hotel, I also love everything by Christopher Brookmyre and he has a new one out shortly. Erm, have you read Katherine Neville’s The Eight and The Magic Circle? Oldies but very, very goodies.

  3. I am quite enamoured with Geoffrey McGeachin’s Charlie Berlin series, the first of which is The Diggers Rest Hotel. I’ve loved everything Christopher Brookmyre has ever written, Kenneth Cameron’s Denton series, Katherine Neville’s The Eight and The Magic Circle (oldies but very, very goodies). Emma Healey’s Elizabeth is Missing was thought-provoking. And for holidays it’s always fun to go back to Nancy Mitford, Love in a Cold Climate, or Laurie King’s Mary Russel series. Is that enough to be going on with?

    • Hello!!! and thank you! This will keep me going for months as I don’t think I’ve read any of these (though I think I’ve had Love in a Cold Climate on the kindle forever).

      And when are you going to be blogging again? I’m dead keen to hear news of the cottage & its inhabitants.

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