in recent days

This weekend we entertained Don’s awesome Aunt and Uncle1 during their all-too-brief visit to Sydney. The entire fam (+ ajax) adored them. So nice to find rellies who are not bat-shit insane. Totally the people we want to be when we grow up.


Am on tail-end of Horrible Hobart cold, which has also left me with a Giant lip pox – this is about as delightful as you would imagine. HHC has necessitated wee break from runnering – must commence half-marathon training this week


Started my very first cable scarf (the change ringing scarf) during a brief sojourn in entertaining:

Am quite pleased with results.


Accidentally read a regency romance novel when thought I was getting a murder. Wondered for many chapters at distinct lack of death. Must not grab titles based on author alone.


Don travelled interstate for client golf function.

I know.

He accorded himself satisfactorily and arrived home with prizes.

I’m sure we all look forward to a riveting evening with the 2013 masters DVD.


Now back to Grind.

1need clever blog names

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