holiday: day nine

Holy!Goodness! updating the 2014 meals page is taking rather a lot longer than I had anticipated. It is an excellent exercise (who knew that we ate so much bbq butterflied chicken + coleslaw?), but horribly time consuming to catch up after I stopped posting at the end of March. But hey, only June, May and April remain!

One unfortunate realisation is how many links to favourite recipes are now dead / expired. Mostly I print out my frequently used ones and keep them in plastic sleeves in a loose-leaf folder which I find better to use when cooking, so this is not such a big deal. But as a Public Service Announcement – save your internet recipes in some form that is not a URL!

As TheUniverse is my witness, I will complete this darned thing tomorrow AND not leave the 2015 list so long.


There was much rejoicing this afternoon as the front door was completed! The enamel paint has given me a ghastly headache, so I will be well pleased when it has all aired out. In keeping with the facade improvement project, we figured that we should try replacing the horribly rusty brass deadbolt on the security door. This was a whole lot more simple than we’d anticipated – who knew?

Now everything (well, most things) at the front of ThePalace(OfLove) is all sparkly and welcoming. Unfortunately the bins still smell in the most disgusting way – despite all of our cunning measures.


It was VERY EXCITING this morning to find the kitties almost touching each other!

I’m quite sure this detente will not last.


Took Joe/Frank’s watch to shufiks at Leichhardt who did an Ace! job of affecting the repair and adjustment (lesson learned – sometimes you need a professional!) and cut us additional shiny keys for the new shiny deadbolt.

We also visited feather and bone to collect a boston butt because Don’s making pulled pork tomorrow in harky the smoker! While there we picked up some duck fat and some amazing looking (and smelling) bacon.


I’m currently hassling the family for their not resolutions for 2015 (so far only Joan has complied).

We’ve been doing this since 2011 and it has been interesting to look back and see where their heads were at over time.


In 2015 projects news, I’ve so far resisted reading for almost two days – already I feel less ragey!

2 thoughts on “holiday: day nine

  1. I rarely read the smh as a) their trying to get me to sign up as paid subscriber irritates the hell out of me and b) the news is just about a duplicate with the free fairfax titles. These days the guardian australian version has better news analysis and I like the newish Saturday Paper too

    • I am so happy that the guardian has an Australian edition! After having the herald as my only Australian news source it took me some time to become accustomed to articles longer than 4 paragraphs!

      I’ve only read the Saturday paper once (in the qantas lounge), but I should make a point of seeking it out more regularly.

      I don’t know why this 2013 article popped up yesterday in the most-read articles on the guardian, but I thought it weirdly very appropriate: news is bad for you.

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