holiday: day ten

ohmygodihavefinallyfinished updating the 2014 meals page. But ARGH! we missed one day (12 April).

I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE THIS DONE! And already a good reminder of meals we should put back into rotation and that we need to refresh the rotation a little. Now that the bulk of the painting is behind us (thankfully!) we can explore new foodz.

We been discussing the painting a good deal recently (over-analysis r us) and have concluded one of the reasons we put off it for so long is because we were still really focused on Cooking All The Things. Surprisingly (okay, not surprisingly) with very limited weekend time available – you really can’t Do and Achieve everything at once. Who knew?


It was disgustingly humid when I set off for a run just after 8am. I chose a new route and had no idea how far I’d gone (or how long it took). This was kind of liberating, though of course I checked the distance when I got home – 3.6(ish)km.

Not too bad, I had planned to go a little further, but in this heat I’m glad I did not.

I have deluded intentions of taking running clothes on holiday with me so I might keep up with the every second day running at the hotel gym.

Yes, I’m almost certain these things will stay untouched in the bag. But there will be NO RECRIMINATIONS if they do.


I ironed. This was about as exciting as you’d expect.


And pulled pork!

After 9 fabulous hours in the smoker:

bear claws

action shot!


amazingly amazing

The lovely Joan joined us for dinner and so we were able to bust out the full set of silver napkin rings collected in 2014 (thanks eBay!):

4 thoughts on “holiday: day ten

    • It was a fun (if maddening) project.

      I think Don and Bessie ended up with by far the best ones. Don: golfer, Bessie: alessi cat (for the crazy-cat-lady-design-student).

      Joe/Frank, Joan and I had combinations of our initials (or sort of) – mine was KMC (K[redacted] Mummy Carol), Joan’s ADR (firstname Daughter middlename), J/F’s was straight initials – though not in the right order.

      My price limit was under $40 for each – but I easily could have gone way over (there are some crazy-expensive napkin rings out there).

      I’m on the look-out for the next birthday project, but I can’t see anything topping this for a recurring theme.

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