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Yesterday I made lemonade using this recipe. I used my newly acquired $18 citrus juicer .

It was full of awesome! Though I did have to add a touch more than 1 cup of lemon juice because it was a little too sweet.

Already Joe/Frank and I have almost finished the whole 1.6 litres.

Will definitely make this again. Must source bulk lemons.


This morning we collected our newly-framed poster. I grabbed this off the telegraph pole at the front of ThePalace(OfLove) a couple of years ago, when the notorious topless / stripper / jelly wrestling pub turned into a most excellent hipster pub. Just before Xmas after we finished the painting, we finally sucked it up and took it to be framed.

The Art & Framing Co at Marrickville did a really genius job. Its all crumpled and still has the sticky tape on it and really pops on the red back-ground.

Hanging tomorrow.


New stuff on the shelves in the lounge.

My only souvenir from Hong Kong. I haggled for him – though I still probably paid more than I should have.

We’ve called him Chow Tai Fook after the ubiquitous jewellery stores. Seriously, one on every corner.

We cut a bit too much thyme:

I think we need a wee bonsai.


I finished the curtains!

Much, much more tolerable. Also hemmed Joe/Frank’s while I was at it.


Don made Hoppin’ John from Glutton for Life’s recipe (slightly modified).

hoppin’ john stock

We’d not had it before, indeed, I’d never even heard of it before late December last year – unwordly creature that I am.

We enjoyed it, but probably a bit too much process for the outcome.


It will be no surprise that I’m not really into motivational sayings and posters, but this shirt really struck a chord with me.

should   would   could   did

Sure it is two sizes to big, but it was reduced to $6. Also, it needs de-crumpling. But it reminds me to just get on with it.


And finally, the anniversary gift reveal:


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