not tin or aluminium

Earlier this week I was presented with a rather nice DJs gift voucher from SML to celebrate my 10 years of enslavement.

There was nothing for it but to pretty much immediately spend, spend, spend. And cliched spending at that. I calculated that I’ve been employed by SML for 21% of my life, which really called for something of substance to mark the occasion.

So I went out today and bought myself a very nice and not inexpensive new watch that I am ridiculously pleased with.

giant watch box. newkitty for scale

I’m also thrilled that I actually sucked it up and spent it on an indulgence for myself and not something practical, not something for ThePalace(OfLove), not something for someone else.

This is definitely a positive change! Plus … shiny!

4 thoughts on “not tin or aluminium

  1. I have never worked anywhere for ten years. I did get given a framed historical photograph of a street in one of my projects to mark the completion of a huge piece of work. I had no problem getting rid of it immediately and took it to a charity shop within a matter of days.

    • This is by far my longest at any employer, by many orders of magnitude.

      Thankfully we generally receive gift vouchers on celebratory occasions, which in the worst times occasionally made up for the utter dysfunction. Occasionally.

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