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Today I finally sorted the box of family silver which has been sitting up here in the way of everything for about a month!

I took inventory and pix of it all and then washed and polished with a soft cloth. There are two main patterns, one from 1913 and one from 1964. I’ve added the 6 place settings 1964 to the cutlery chest for regular use, but we need more proper flatware storage before we bust out the other one – which has more bits.

We’ll be using this set. Mom had wrapped them in cling-wrap (this is apparently not good). But who knew there was coloured cling-wrap?! Truly, America has everything!

Such are our modern, philistine-y ways, that we have absolutely no idea what some of the pieces are supposed to be used for:

tiny fork tridents + knife-ish things (the fork on right is for scale – you’ll be reassured that I know what a fork is)

There are a bunch of random serving pieces too – these are mostly silver plate. I do look forward to adding some much needed fanciness to the daily dining experience.


Otherwise this weekend was exceedingly unproductive, but quite excellent.

The ducks played an intra-club match on at henson park on Friday evening so we walked down to watch. It was a gorgeous evening, so afterward we walked further to Marrickville and grabbed some vietnamese for dinner.

don shows off his vintage ’05 members hat

On Saturday morning walked down through the park to breakfast to Pig and Pastry

It had turned into a really lovely day, so after we’d dropped off some donations to the Salvation Army and picked up a couple of things from essential ingredient, we decided to wander back down to the park and take in some local cricket.

We have vowed: 1. to get out in the neighbourhood more frequently and 2. that I need more days in my life where I get out and do nothing.

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