actioning all the items

This weekend we killed it in at painting and completed the walls of all of the common areas – and even the complicated stairwell (feel the exhaustion! and the rather sore leg).

When you consider that less than a month ago, we’d not made any progress for almost 18 months, this is a pretty massive achievement. Go us! Amazing what we can do when we are focused and have a goal. Hopefully we can parlay this into … something.

It has been exhausting but very satisfying. I cannot even describe how wonderful and soothing it is to see all the bright white and not the depressing poopy-vomity-mustardy everything.

Only 5 door-frames, one walk-in wardrobe and two bedrooms to go. Hurrah! I think we can probably get that completed by mid-December.

Well, and the doors. We’re saving that particularly horrid task for the new year when we’re back from Hong Kong.

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