achieving achievers!

Don spontaneously decided to take some leave to watch his beloved Giants in the whatever-they-call-the-baseball-grand-final-series.

He also spontaneously decided to prep the Giant Wall (4 storeys – with floating stairs) for painting! This is by far biggest and most daunting of all the painting tasks and involved a huge amount of prep.

And this weekend we spent a whole amount of time painting and painting and painting (and more painting).

And Holy!Goodness!it looks absolutely amazing! Finally, about 18 months after we started, the main living area is completely done.

plus, new floating shelves!

Did I mention it looks really fabulous and so sparkly? It really hadn’t registered just how depressing that horrid mustardy-vomity-poopy colour actually was.

second most complicated bit – getting behind the railings on the ground floor (so far only undercoated)

We’re now totally motivated to power on through to the end, with a goal of all painting done by Xmas.


Also on the weekend, I finally abandoned the $99 android and am now back to the evil cult of apple. I acquired Joan’s 5s for what she would call extortion because she was upgrading (again). It is much superior, but I very much miss the sexy black and white theme.

And after having an account for around 2.5 years, being inspired by this excellent person, I finally started using Instagram. I’m here: mme_carolbaby.

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