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first rule of sweatclub …
(middle park: melbourne)

Yesterday I took an annual leave day to gather 2 years (oops) of tax documents and meet our new accountant. Yes, we’ve finally graduated past H&R Block. The 2 years of dithering was mostly filled with much yeah, we should find an accountant … oh, yeah, we should get on to finding an accountant … .

Anyway, finally we sourced a recommendation1 and hopefully she can find some clever ways to minimising our dreadful tax bills in future – as well as getting us up to date.

Afterward we felt very grown-up and full of achieving!

Now we need to sort out the wills & such. At current rate of progress, hopefully we can cross this off the grown-up list sometime in the next 20 years.

And full of achieving, we felt all fired-up-and-ready-to-go and considered attempting to complete all of the outstanding painting & other small ThePalace(OfLove) odd jobs before Xmas (cue much mirth from viewers of Grand Designs). For that, we need a plan of work. Clearly, I need to channel all of my mad ops management skills (oh hai! future highly-paid dream job). Realistically maybe a quarter of those things will happen

Also, I ran a small (3km) distance! and I was pleased that my cadence and foot strike is slowly improving. Wondered how I ever could regularly run 10 kilometers. FatController texted me to see where I’m at and I have dutifully ignored his message. I have 4 paid-for sessions remaining. I’m thinking that I will advise him of my newly acquired exercise terror and ask if we can do a gentle 30 min session on 2 Nov and see how we go from there if I do not break.

Wishing I could channel a fearless high achieving go getter.

1We’re trying to adopt the recommendation methodology for all our services/tradespeople.

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