no rollerskates

Much, much rain.

Many haus leaks.


Don and I braved the relentless rain this morning to venture out for brekkie in the ‘ham.

We’ve lived here over two years now, but rarely check out local things on the weekend mornings – primarily because I’ve been about the runnering/training & Don has been about the early golf. Injury and a BGF in the UK means that we have some time on our hands.

The brekkie had much promise (smoked salmon for me | brisket for Don), but was somewhat underwhelming. It was all rather fussy and unresolved. And the coffee, while pleasingly strong, was also rather unresolved.

Nonetheless, there are a good deal of other enticing walkable options in the ‘ham – we’ve resolved to explore more.


Several years ago, we were all loathing and sneering about silicon utensils/equipment, having only experienced inferior cake moulds/tins. However we accidentally tried silicon spatula and it was a complete revelation to us – so very amazing for scraping bowls.

Truly, if you are still trying to scrape out the remainders of a mixing bowl with a spoon, you should give silicon a bash.

But what is even better is a teensy spatula for scraping out cup and spoon measures:

Really, do yourselves a favour!


I’m perplexed about Kitty’s tension – every yarn I’m swatching is the perfect height, but a whole stitch too wide.

Maybe I need to step down a needle size? Will research.


I’ve been dabbling about and made the cheapo-phone all sleek & sexy & b+w. Infinitely more pleasing to look at, even if it is now a little laggy.

My cunning resolution to my no keyboard on the default messaging app on the $99 phone only lasted a short while. I installed hello sms & it is utterly genius, and so very pretty (also, it works!).

If you have an android phone, get on it!

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