I’ve been making twice-weekly visits to RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio as I attempt to regain some sort of fitness after my extremely unpleasant training incident.

I knew my abs and glutes were ghastly, but had no idea just how bad. In particular, it seems that the two ute surgeries have had a not positive effect on my muscles (I’ve only just become aware that I cannot feel my stomach muscles at all – except in times of extreme agony) and I’ve been compensating in all manner of Bad Ways.

But in very exciting news, RCP gave me permission to run this weekend. Disappointingly all I was allowed was very slow intervals of 200m run | 200m walk, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

So today I ran/walked 2km … outside! It was excellent to get out, but rather boring. It really brought home how Very Bad my foot strike is – I kind of hit the outside of my foot and roll inward. RCP has identified the Bad Foot Strike as the one of the ab | glute issues causing my running foot | knee issues. But he feels that I can easily get back to running the distances I am aiming for with focus and hard work.

Unfortunately he feels that the extremeness of my FatController workouts can only cause further injury and Bad Things, no matter how I approach it.

Not quite the news I was hoping for.

2 thoughts on “unfitness

    • he seems to think that I can be fixed without, I just need to unlearn some really bad habits – even how I stand! (with knees locked = bad).

      he unsolicitedly told me how good my old brooks running shoes, which I’m using as commuting shoes, were for me, so I bought another pair to replace my current lurid runners.

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