You might remember my recent desire to acquire somewhat more professional work clothing now that I’ve climbed a little higher the greasy pole.

Having lived most of my life with no disposable income, it is actually *really* very difficult to spend decent amounts of money on myself (as opposed to the rest of the family). Spending even $100 on a garment seems wildly profligate and completely and utterly irresponsible.

In the comments on that post, the always-full-of-excellent-advice, anyresemblance suggested boden and Holy!Goodness! such a trove of lovely things.

I agonised about the expense and sucked it up (princess) and bought 2 dresses and a pair of fabulous tartan pants (despite it being not all the season at all for tartan pants) and they arrived amazingly quickly and in the best packaging I have ever seen.

The dresses were even on hangers!

Everything was of wonderful quality and fit like a dream and so a couple of days later, of course I took several deep breaths and ran off and bought even more things, which are now making their way to me.

I’ve also splashed out on a couple of (inexpensive … baby steps) necklaces from various etsy sellers. One has arrived already and I am thrilled with it.

Selfishly buying things for me is kind of cool. I look forward to a future of shoes (flats only) and attractive garments that fit me.

2 thoughts on “pretties

  1. that tweed is very pretty – I have been eyeing off a tartan dress even though not the season, etc, etc. My only gripe is the australian site does not accept amex and its associated extra qantas points

    • In the next batch is a squirrel print dress, not entirely work appropriate, but I couldn’t resist.

      We’re trying to push all the spending through amex these days, though we’ve a little ways to go (we should link PayPal to the amex for eg). We did fund a fair proportion of our Hong Kong flights with points though, which was like totally free money!

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