magic red tape

Woke up this morning with my leg the sorest since I broke myself last Saturday. I think the cause was sleeping in my usual unusual position (see below) which put a whole lot of strain on the … strain.

me, sleeping. not pictured: don. truly, i am a loss to the graphic design profession

Fortunately I already had an appointment organised with RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio, so he poked and prodded, we exercised and re-taped. Seriously, if you are in need of an excellent physio in the inner west, he’s your dude! I’m still quite sore (probably because I have been improperly positioned while painting yet more trim), but he’s pretty confident I’ll be cool in a couple of weeks and can ease myself back to running (yay!)

After my appointment I walked up to the gym and broke up with it. It was like a double break-up with the FatController because he was on staff today and processed my cancellation.

I’m really glad that is done with and I can focus on other fitness things which don’t involve horrible injury. I’m hoping running and somewhere decent for pilates. I also hope to get back into Long Walks with Don when this endless painting is completed – which actually looks like it is in sight now that we have finished the common areas this afternoon (though still a bit of door-frame to go).

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