project champions

Holy!Goodness! it was a horribly warm evening when I started this post. At that point we had resisted putting on the aircon and then I was then distracted by discussing with Joe/Frank the number of countries I’d met people from (47, I think – fun exercise!), an excellent curry cooked by Joe/Frank amidst the discussion of the countries, good wine and a very satisfying, wide-ranging career chat with Don.

Then the southerly buster hit and it became blissfully cool. For the uninitiated, the southerly buster is as cool, strong wind that often strikes Sydney at around 9-10pm after disgustingly hot days. I cannot convey the marvellousness of it.

Anyway, back to my intended subject. Three days in and I completely adore my jawbone. If anyone was built for the quantified self, it is me. I’m nothing if not self-absorbed. Plus data! All the things!

So, today’s results:

Killed the 10,000 steps (not so excellent as the first day, which was overn 16,000). Toddling around the shops at lunch makes a big difference to the count. I’m glad I walk from the car to SML and back each day because it appears to cover most of my target walking activity.

Sleep was rather less good than the previous night, and I felt it. Bad kitties waking me at 5:30am, amongst other things. I really think I sleep much less well on the 2 nights of the 5:2, so it will be interesting to have the data.

Yes, am definitely in the perfect career!

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2 Responses to project champions

  1. I love the sleep data almost more than the steps! Of course, bad kitties woke me at 4 and have not been able to go back to sleep hence toddling on the internet!


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